If you are new to Gateway please check with an existing coordinator to ensure that you have been added to the system via the "coordinator changes and training dates" tab, otherwise your login attempt will not work.

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Adding/removing coordinators

New coordinators should be added/removed via the ‘Coordinator Changes and Training Dates' icon from the dashboard.  We prefer a maximum of 2 coordinators per centre.  If you require more, due to high learner numbers at multiple sites, contact uascentres@aqa.org.uk

Free online training for coordinators and teachers

Coordinator/teacher courses are bookable at: Booking for training

Unit Award Scheme training videos for Gateway processes

The links below are very useful videos to help you navigate Gateway.

Submitting a claim in Gateway (approx. 5 mins)

Uploading documents for assessment (approx. 3 mins)

Submitting a unit for validation (approx. 8 mins)